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From San Francisco down to San Diego, I've never visited a town in California that I didn't love. In fact I fell in love with the state when I spent my junior year at Pomona College in Claremont, despite its distance from the beach. After being away far too long - nearly 30 years - I was lucky enough to work on a cookbook for Giada DeLaurentiis back in 2009 for a couple of weeks, staying in Santa Monica, working in LA and Palos Verdes and visiting Venice Beach. I just had to bring my husband and daughter back for a visit so we drove from San Francisco to Santa Monica the following spring visiting Muir Woods and Sausaulito along the way. My husband and I went back to San Diego the following September for my birthday and headed out to the dessert and the mountains on that trip so I could shoot photos to my heart's content. If you love California, I hope you'll find something just right to hang on you wall in this gallery. I have arranged them here from north to south and have many more to upload to fill in the gaps so please check in from time to time.

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